As Friday, March 1, is a normal working day, we expect that employees of neighboring companies of Martiniplaza will also use the parking garage. We expect that there will be insufficient parking spaces for all our exhibitors.
In order to ensure sufficient parking space, the organization of the Martinidogshow has arranged that use can be made of the parking facilities of the trotting track.
You can enter the following address in your navigation; Concourslaan 10 9727 KD Groningen. There are 2 walking routes from this parking lot to the Martiniplaza, which is signposted.

Martiniplaza, Leonard Springerlaan 2 – 9727 KB Groningen

Situated at the highway A7 (Amsterdam/Drachten, Hoogezand/Duitsland) near the crossing with the A28 (Assen/Zwolle). Martiniplaza is clearly marked by means of signs.

Martiniplaza can be reached from the NS-railway station by city bus line 6, direction Hoornsemeer. Martiniplaza is siuated at a 15 minutes walk from NS-railway station Groningen.