Conditions Stand holders

General conditions for standholders.

  1. Organization means the board of the Stichting Hondensport Kynonoord, with its registered office in Groningen, registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Groningen under number S 018040.
  2. Registration for stands must take place by submitting the application form.
  3. The organization is not responsible for theft of or damage to stands and goods in the Martiniplaza. In the night before the exhibition, surveillance is available in the halls.
  4. The location of the stand will be designated by the organization, if possible in consultation with the exhibitor.
  5. The organization may decide to limit the number of exhibitors for certain goods or products.
  6. When stating the size of the stand, account must be taken of any expansion and / or placing of racks, in front of or next to the stand. These belong to the stand and must fall within the reserved stand space.
  7. The publication of advertising material is only allowed in the reserved stand space. This also applies to the affixing of flags, billboards, banners and other promotional material. Requests for advertising outside the stand space must be made in writing to the organization.
  8. After registration, the exhibitor of the organization receives a notification of receipt with confirmation of the requested surface. Reservation of space takes place in order of entry and as long as there is still space available for exhibitors within the organization.
  9. By submitting the reservation form, the exhibitor is obliged to pay the costs due. For the amount due, the organization sends you an invoice. This invoice must be paid no later than fourteen days after the invoice date.
  10. Cancellation of the reserved stand space is only possible in writing.
    1. In case of cancellation up to 3 weeks before exhibition, we will charge you 50% of the original amount.
    2. In case of cancellation between 3 weeks and 1 day before the exhibition, you owe 75% of the invoice amount.
    3. In case of non-appearance, 100% of the amount to be invoiced will be charged.
  11. A maximum of two unregistered dogs per stallholder are allowed. You will receive an admission ticket for these dogs after registration. You must bring a valid vaccination certificate for this dog (s).
  12. You will be sent admission tickets, a map and directions if you have fulfilled your payment and any other obligations.
  13. The organization reserves the right to refuse your stand if the presentation and / or the sold or presented materials and / or services do not match the objectives of the Stichting Hondensport Kynonoord and / or the Noorder Kynologen Club.
  14. The organization reserves the right, if this is deemed necessary for the proper running of the exhibition, to lay down further rules for exhibitors. You must strictly observe these rules.
  15. Invoices must be paid no later than 7 days before the start of the show.  Invoices, unless otherwise agreed, that have not been paid at the start of the show will be charged a surcharge 20%.
  16. Written permission from the organization is required for parking within the white fences of the Martiniplaza. Organization reserves the right to request compensation for this.