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As Friday, March 1, is a normal working day, we expect that employees of neighboring companies of Martiniplaza will also use the parking garage. We expect that there will be insufficient parking spaces for all our exhibitors.
In order to ensure sufficient parking space, the organization of the Martinidogshow has arranged that use can be made of the parking facilities of the trotting track.
You can enter the following address in your navigation; Concourslaan 10 9727 KD Groningen. There are 2 walking routes from this parking lot to the Martiniplaza, which is signposted.


Welcome to the completely renewed website of the Martinidogshow!

Every year the weekend for the Crufts is held at the Martinidogshow. A great opportunity for foreign exhibitors to combine the show in Groningen with the Crufts. The best male and best bitch of each breed (if excellent) and the dogs with 1 excellent in the youth class, qualify for Crufts 2020.

Entry will close on 10 February 2019 or earlier if the maximum number of registered dogs has been reached.

The Martinidogshow 2019 will be very special and will consist of 2 shows and 3 show days.

On Friday 1 March 2019 our anniversary show will take place with CAC / CACIB, the “peerd van ome Loeks show“.

  • For each BOB the “Peerd van ome Loeks” in special edition.
  • A rosette for every exhibitor.
  • For the Best In Show a Martinitoren of 45 cm high.

On Saturday 2 March and Sunday 3 March we will hold the Benelux Winner with CAC / CACIB.

  • Title Benelux Winner (star) and a special rosette for every dog ​​that receives a CAC, The best youth dogs of every breed and best veteran of each breed get the title Benelux Youth Winner (star) or veterans Winner (star).
  • With Crufts 2020 qualification for every Winner (star) and Youth Winner (star).
  • Every BOB a Martinitoren.
  • Every BOS a smaller variant Martinitoren.
  • A rosette for every exhibitor.
  • For the Best In Show a Martinitoren of 45 cm high and the bronze statue of the Board of Directors, made by Hugo Stempher.

Medical test. For each Best Of Breed (BOB) the Martinidogshow will give these 3 days the opportunity to have the dog undergo a medical examination, by a team of veterinarians. This is entirely on a voluntary basis and results will have no consequences for your dog or participation in the approvals. Every dog ​​that comes through the voluntary inspection receives a certificate of general health.